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Courage is to see everything in the best light – despite all fear

To affirm life is the highest art, everything you encounter, everything that happens, everything you see in others – to see in the best light. Just as you see others, so do you see yourself. As you treat others, you deal with yourself. Just as you look at life, so you look at yourself. You are not separated. You are one with all life and life answers – immediately! Your true Self is the most sensitive being in the whole existence and reflects your grace, your beauty and your inner strength. We are all compassionate beings. Compassion means – you feel how the other feels without judging without identifying with it. It is a deep understanding beyond words. It is your natural life movement that lets you be one in the moment – creating a new energy field that enriches everything. You get more conscious, loving, alive and strengthened out of it. Go in totally – whatever it is!

Experience Now Courage is the art of celebrating my true self – brings me deep into the center of my essence, my true self – I take a deep breath, relax – I close my eyes gently – feel my essence in oneness with the whole cosmos – feel my inner joy – the living silence, the vibration of my overflowing life – I go deeper and be receptive to everything – I be aware and ask myself following questions and listen – without judging – the truth in me

Ask Your True Self

Am I seeing myself in the best light?

Am I loving my true nature?

Am I living my amazing potential?

I let everything I have experienced about myself sink deep into my inner center – listen and enjoy my pure awakening being – my fresh bright essence. Every moment I am born anew – everything inside me - that doesn ́t respond to my true nature – dies. Understanding is the quality of my true self. As soon as I wake up in the morning and before I fall asleep in the evening, first I ask my true self – how do I feel at this new moment? The new moment presents me with overflowing abundance that generates more and more intelligence from my own source – inexhaustible.

Both men and women should be free to be sensitive. Both men and woman should feel free to be strong. It is time that we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing idelals. We should all stop defining each other by what we are not and start defining ourselves by who we are – Emma Watson

Soul Surfing

Experience Life

Free from the past – I look forward

Growth is life. Growth happens only through transformation. Transformation happens only through deep understanding. Understanding is possible when you get deeply involved and leave the audience's tribune. It is your willingness that opens you – beyond all fears – to get you deeper and deeper into the mystery of life – wholeheartedly and unconditionally. First, look deeply into your being. Only by recognizing and understanding your true self can you see and understand the true being in everyone else. It needs intimacy, lat. Farthest inside, enjoy yourself, your partner. Explore the pure beauty and magic secrets of life, of nature with all living things – open yourself to the whole infinite cosmos. The deeper you get involved the more transformation happens – the deeper you look, the more new doors open up inside you. Cooperate with life – love it all!

Experience Now I’m aware and free from the past – I love my essence the void – that holds all possibilities in every new moment – so abundance is my true self – the gift of loving is my greatest potential – to realize it is my birthright. – to love totally brings true abundance into my life – the ultimate adventure is to love and grow deeper and deeper – Love brings forth everything – my full potential – also everything that is hidden in me and that never withstands love – I'm backing away from nothing – I'm going all the way – there is nothing I reject or negate – in me or in others – I am present and love

Ask Your True Self

Am I ready to get involved totally?

Do I want to be free?

Do I overcome all obstacles in me?

I create the effect – every statement awakens my dormant potential – new qualities of being awaken in me – the whole world is refined in me. I cleanse myself of all habits and old conditioning - transcendence is my true nature – what turns out changes in the climate of love I feel light – enjoy the void – I create the largest possible space in me – watch in gratitude what life creates in me. Free of all the ideas of lack I open myself to the nature of abundance – love - gratitude – truth – creativity – I am blessed – everything is changing

How deeply are you ready to love yourself your partner and the world? – David Deida

Deepen Your Balance

Relaxed and Powerful

Life is playfulness – I realize my true nature

Life is living alchemy – a self-organizing mystery. The more you grow inside and mature through love – the deeper you are in balance. Have you transformed all duality in you until you become one with life – relaxed and powerful you rest in your center – deep down from your center you totally love. Do you live totally, every moment is welcome – all the effort needed to mature and break the hard shells of the seed of your love gives way to the new quality of playfulness – you are centered – you are open – you totally trust. All the defeats, losses, challenges and wild storms of life give you an indescribable inner strength – you are centered in the midst of the greatest chaos. Your focus is totally on your brilliant true self – whatever life has in store for you – you accept it - playfully. You make the best of it – trusting your inner wisdom. Nothing leans in you – you accept life as it is – the scent of freedom envelops you. You are one with everything – ready for new challenges!

Experience Now I consciously deepen my balance – love grows in me – I celebrate life – no matter what the circumstances are right now – love opens me deeper than any pain – every new moment is a gift to explore unknown dimensions of my being – suffering is not an option – my inner wealth is inexhaustible – with my visions, I enrich everything in this world – pure joy of life – I overcome any obstacles that stands in my way with love – the unknown nourishes my roots – consciousness gives me wings – I live my dreams – visions are the overflowing creative expression of my soul

Ask Your True Self

What makes me unique?

Do I love the intelligence of my wisdom?

What moves me the most?

I authorize myself to express my true self – no one can live my life – I can not be anyone else - what a blessing! Uniqueness – I look inward – my true self finds new ways to realize myself - adventure spirit paired with security – individuality coupled with joy to live my visions – enjoying oneself in the clear consciousness of deep attachment to everything – everything grows in the climate of love. Common visions are the magical foundation of deep love – a new energy field is born – immeasurably rich – the whole existence celebrates!

Ripe has a special fragrance. It gives man a tremendous beauty. It gives him intelligence. The sharpest intelligence. She makes pure love out of him. His act is love, his nonactive is love, his life is love, his death is love. He is a Flower of love – Osho

Nourish Your Body & Soul

Bring Up Your Unique Potential

Taste of Life – I appreciate my most secret dreams

What is your body’s water & delicious natural food – love & consciousness are indispensable food for your soul. To experience, enjoy and celebrate life in its overflowing fullness, you are endowed with the finest of senses – the more sensitive you are, the finer you feel the taste of life. The purer your system the more intense your radiance. Purification of thoughts – Purification of emotions - Purification of action. All negativity deprives you of your zest for life & visions – be very careful with your negativity – do not carry it into the world – transform it within you. Integrity means – project nothing onto others – it's your energy – you can transform it into love. Love makes your soul grow into new dimensions of your consciousness – nothing grows as fast as love & awareness! Be aware and you become more loving – be loving and you become more conscious – your being is transformed. Through the power of love, you enable yourself to carry and realize your greatest purposes in the world – enjoy the adventure!

Experience Now Growth happens by living my unlimited potential – I transform my life so far – I'm tidy out my energy field – physically – emotionally – spiritually – everything that is not love is poisoning my inside and everything that grows in it – I stop judging – I use the overwhelming power of responsibility – I answer with love – make the best of everything – my commitment with myself inspires me never to give up myself

Ask Your True Self

Am I ready to share my unique potential?

Do I celebrate the intensity of the transformation in me?

I feel supported and nourished by the unconditional love of the whole existence – I am part of the whole – together we create a new world – I feel blessed to strengthen each other – to challenge – to feed – to be there for each other – to teach each other – to share our visions. To develop my full potential is the most beautiful enrichment that I give myself and the world family I enjoy and care for myself and my home in the world aesthetically and powerfully – I surround myself with highly vibrating energy fields wherever I am in the world right now – my environment is my second body – I love places of power that expand and enrich my energy field in a positive way – to care for me and my inner growth is in my hands – a wonderful synergy between interior & exterior Energetic Room Design creates a new growth climate

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams – Oprah Winfrey

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Work Inside & Enjoy Outside

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